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Sielen Crafts

Sielen Crafts is a genuine Sri Lankan gift and souvenir supplier which promote authentic Sri Lankan handicrafts locally and internationally. We promote much wider Gift & Souvenir sector encompassing Wooden Crafts, Brass Crafts, Silver Plated Crafts, Burn Brass Crafts, Rush & Reed, Ceramics & Leather Sri Lankan Spices Product categories.


Our Vision

To be the leading marketing arm of Sri Lankan Handicrafts, Gift and Souvenir products contributing to the rural economy.


Our Mission

To maintain quality and value for an offer on our products and cater to the international market by providing delightful customer service while uplifting the skills and enhancing the income of the suppliers.


The Mahavamsa refers to two visits by ‘Yona’ to ancient Sri Lanka. Mahavamsa says that Pandukabhaya (pre- 3rd century BC) set apart grounds near the west gate of Anuradhapura for the ‘Yona’. That is the first visit.

Several centuries later, in the time of Dutugemunu (167-131 BC), Yona bhikkus arrived to celebrate the completion of the Mahathupa. That is the second.

The Mahavamsa Greeks (Yona) came from northwestern India. They may have got there in the time of the Persian king Cyrus, (559- 529 BC) Darius (522–486 BC) or Xerxes (486–465 BC).

But the preferred idea is that they went there with Alexander of Macedon who invaded the Indus delta between 327-303 BC.

Lanka first appears as one of the many names for the island, Greeks called the island Sielen Diva.